Tremendously Taraji (Movie Thoughts: What Men Want)

wwwI never saw the original ‘What Women Want’ movie because I pride myself in not seeing Mel Gibson movies. I knew way back when that he is a homophobe so I just refuse to give him back support. I knew the movie’s premise and I know that in ‘What Men Want,’ now directed by Adam Shankman, the gender has changed on the story and now Taraji P Henson now stars as Ali, a young woman who can hear men’s thoughts. This helps her as she tries to navigate her way into the world of sports management, as she gets being passed as a partner in the film. The film weaves the character in and out of sticky and funny situations, and for me, the conceits only worked half of the time. But Henson is funny, is game, and gives her all here that you can’t help but just give her a big sparkling A. I wish The film was as good as she was, but it’s fine enough for a Saturday afternoon matinee for me. I don’t know if I would recommend this, but if you are a Taraji fan, then I would say you will have a fine time.

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