The Gay Days (Movie Thoughts: At The End Of The Day)

attheendofthedayposter_largeA lot of Christians are very religious, and they can also be some of the most judgmental people you will ever meet. At this point in my life, I have given up in trying to talk to some of them. I will never change their minds, so I will just go to my own corner and hope that we can just peacefully co-exist. ‘At the End Of The Day’ addresses a lot of the Christian bigotry, and by doing that tells a compelling story. Directed by Kevin O’Brien,  the film centers on Dave (Stephen Shane Martin) who is left by his wife for another woman. He goes back to his hometown to live with his aunt and teach at a Christian school. The dean of the school connives with him to infiltrate a support group so they can get information on a real estate property the group is also eyeing. You can probably guess where this is going and you are probably right. Though its formulaic, you cannot ignore the film’s core message even as it uses the most common and formulaic tropes. Plus, the film is quite long for what it is and could use a ten minute trim. The saddest part is that the devious Christians of the world will probably not be aware of this film’s existence.

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