One Man’s Trash (Perfume Thoughts: I Am Trash, Les Fleurs du Dechet, Etat Libre d’Orange)

375x500.50009I haven’t bought a new scent in a year.  I think it’s because my collection isn’t situated yet. I have most of it in my apartment, but they are still packed. I think a part of me feels bad for them so I don’t want to get a new brother or sister for them just yet. But i was at Scent Bar’s pre-Valentine’s event and I was bewitched by ‘I Am Trash,’ from Etat Libe d’Orange and sometimes you just fall in love, and you want to take them home.

I was fascinated by the story of the scent – inspired by trash – and I thought I was going to get a weird odor-y scent. But ‘I Am Trash’ is a floral – it’s alternate name is ‘Les Fleurs du Dechet,’ which loosely tranlates to The Flowers of Decay. I do get a rose here mixed with lily of the valley. But I also get fruit – apple and orange, based on apple and orange peels that you find in the garbage. And guess what – this scent is surprisingly fresh and clean, and will be perfect for nice Spring Days. But right now, on a cold winter day, it gives me just the right amount of sunshine. It’s somehow what I cling to nowadays, and I am in love with it. Who says I don’t have a Valentine?

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