What About Romance (Movie Thoughts: Isn’t It Romantic)

romanticpos1The big question that begs to be answered: is ‘Isn’t it Romantic’, well, romantic? Well, the short answer is, no, it isn’t. As a romantic comedy, the film falters, but that doesn’t mean it could be worth your time. It’s a story of a young woman, Natlie, played by Rebel Wilson, who, after hitting her head, gets caught in a world of romantic comedy, and even as she tries to resist it, gets embroiled in one. The film has a mixed message – romantic comedies are bad, but hello, you are in one so let’s be one – so as an audience, we are confused as to what to think. But the film has Wilson up its sleeve, and though I am still conflicted about how I feel about her – she carries the film on her back and mostly succeeds in lifting it. She doesn’t really give the film a character, just a string of finely-tuned one liners, and to be frank, her style is a little bit too in the “look at me, I’m funny” vein, but I can tolerate her more than the old Melisa McCarthy shtick. The film has some great musical scenes (I can’t diss anything that uses Swing Out Sister’s ‘Breakout’) and the choreography by Christopher Gattelli is, as the kids say, on-point. I enjoyed the film a little more than the differences I had with it, and I bet most people will enjoy it more.

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