Cold And Bitter (Perfume Thoughts: Dent de Lait, Serge Lutes)

06-Dent-De-Lait.w330.h412I know Serge Lutens Dent de Lait came out about two years ago but I am not as current as I used to be, and I recently just got a sample. I may be confusing this with some other Lutens releases but perhaps I ignored this because ti was part of their very expensive line, the ones that cost a thousand a bottle.

But no, Dent de Lait now comes in a ‘reasonable’ price point, so I might as well try it  I see that a lot of reviewers hate this scent, so I was skeptical. The back story is certainly interesting. Inspired by childhood, it has some weird note: almond milk, dried milk (!) and baby powder. It also promises a lot of aldehydes. When I asked for a sample, the SA said, “it’s metallic,’ and I don’t remember if that made me want it more or less.

My verdict: baby powder with flowers, cold and dry because it is bathed in aldehydes. It isn’t bad, and it sort of reminds me of something from Commes de Garcon, and it probably is very hard to wear. I kind of like it, I am drown to this very cold flower note (a rose?) and there’s a certain bitterness to it that I like. It’s a cold and bitter flower.

And perhaps that’s what I like about it. On this cold Valentine’s Day, it is fitting. Me, alone int his cold and bitter world, clutching a single rose.

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