Water Breaks (Television Thoughts: Catastrophe, S01 E03-06)


I have just finished the last three episodes of the first season of ‘Catastrophe’ and I have to say I was very taken by the whole thing. The last three episodes were the strongest as I had already found myself fully invested with the couple, and with them with their ups and downs. On the last episode, when they finally got married, I was with them in their celebration, and the writing is smart enough not to make it syrupy sentimental by mixing it with just the right dose of oddball humour. Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney have great chemistry and both their comic timings match so well that you believe the intimacy between them. And I found myself wistful abut Carrie Fisher who plays Delaney’s mom. The last half of the last episode is intense, but real, and of course the cliffhanger….

So now on to season 2..

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