In The Company Of Canadian Women (Movie Thoughts: Slut In A Good Way/Mary Goes Round)

large_good-posterIt’s funny I just saw two films back to back, and they both come from Canada.

First up is the adorable ‘Slut In A Good Way.’ Directed by Sophie Lorain, it is about a set of female friends who start working together in a toy store (not unlike the now defunct Toys R Us)  When one of the girls, ‘Charlotte (Marguerite Bouchard) starts spending some sexual extra-curricular activities, she gets slut-shamed for it. But of course, this is the times of now, and there is no reason for that. What happens next is a commentary of how young people deal with friendships and relationships as they navigate what they feel and what they act on based on those feelings. The tone of the film is never too serious, but it isn’t flippant either, and it helps that the acting is good all around so you believe and are on these kids sides all throughout.

MV5BMDU0N2M5YTYtYTgyZS00ZWM4LWE4YmYtMTdkODJjMWE0MGRjXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTI5NzY3MTI@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,692,1000_AL_Molly McGlynn’s ‘Mary Goes Round’  is more serious in tone, about Mary (Aya Cash) who suffers through a couple of setbacks because of her drinking. Add to that the fact that her father has just been diagnosed with cancer, so fun fun fun all around.  There are glimpses of lightness in this mostly bleak film, but for me, a bit of too much Debby Downer and not enough Debbie Reynolds joy.

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