The Jasmine Buds Have Bloomed The Way That Jasmine Will (Perfume Thoughts: Clair-Obscura, Keiko Mecheri)

16404In the neighborhood where I live now, there are a lot of gardens, and I am loving it because I never had this before (I previously lived in a concrete jungle, and then the desert) And I especially love the fragrant trees – there’s a jasmine tree that I pass by that gives me olfactory ecstasy whenever I pass it – pure sweet jasmine that never ceases to take my heart whenever I get a whiff.

I thought of that because today I am wearing Clair-Obscur by Keiko Mecheri. It’s funny because I put the perfume on right before leaving my apartment, and I let the scent linger because leaving. And then I pass by the jasmien tree, and guess what? It smelled identical. Clair-Obscur is a photographic copy of that smell, and it is just wonderful. It captures the bloom the jasmine. And there’s a light quality to this, and I know some people have described the scent as night blooming. To me, it has a dewness of jasmine in the morning.

That said, I wish this had better longevity and sillage. It is barely a whisper, and I had to continually smell my shirt in order for me to catch it. Also, I read that this is the ‘reincarnation’ of her older scent just called ‘Jasmine’? I have that one in storage, and now I need to compare it. Perhaps I have this already!

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