Unhappily (Television Thoughts: Catastrophe, Season Two)

tt4374208-2-7zp9eWhen I start watching a show, I get into it, and binge until i can’t – it’s the anal retentive in me. After I finished watching the first season of ‘Catastrophe,” I told myself that i would take a break and start watching something else, but I couldn’t get through the other show without reverting back to ‘Catastrophe.’ With only six episodes per season, I now think that I will have to go through all four seasons of the show that is available until i can rest myself and relax that I can enjoy something else.

Very few shows nowadays give me ‘laugh out loud’ moments and this show does that for me. I think it’s because I have finally latched on to the show’s characters, and their groove. Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney have great chemistry, and you believe they are a couple. The first season ended with Sharon’s water breaking, and the second season skips time and with their first born already a toddler and she is pregnant with their second baby. Oh great, I thought, another season of Sharon and a pregnancy, but of course I am wrong. the seond season focuses on how the couple go through things as a couple. They are obviously in love with each other, but there’s hate there, too. And there’s stress int heir relationship on top of the stress of taking care of their kids, and stress in their ex life, and money, and family.  And it’s all nice and funny. The season ends with a kind of a not happily ever after but that just adds to the anticipation for the next season. While I knwo that they probably will always be together, I want to see and experience the rough road of getting there, and laughing along the way.

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