In Some Darkness (Television Thoughts: Catastrophe Season Three)

c3I am still binging Catastrophe, and now I am up to Season Three, and for real, I feel like these characters are already my friends. Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney will always be married to me, and I feel like if I see them in other shows, I will not be able to separate these characters to whatever new ones they will be playing. The third season has a little more drama, all for the better. I couldn’t help but get mad at Sharon, for example, for holding the penis of that young guy when they were on their brief separation state, but at the same time, can you blame her? He was kind of cute. And when her father dies, I went along with that, too. I mean, I have been there, and of course there is that heartbreaking season ender, although I must say that I didn’t know Rob was sober – did I really miss that? And of course, it was very poignant to see Carrie Fisher, and I understand her scene here were the last ones she shot before dying. I am so emotionally invested with his now and have started watching Season Four, which I know is their final one.

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