It Might As Well Smell Like Spring (Perfume Thoughts: Muguet Fleuri, Oriza L Legrand)

375x500.25045I am slowly unpacking some of my perfumes, and in a plastic bin I saw Oriza L Legrand’s Muguet Fleuri. It has been a rainy damp winter, so I thought this would be a fittign way to celebrate the coming of Spring. I mean, I don’t feel Spring  just yet, but I want to, and perhaps this scent can help me feel it.

And it worked. Muguet Fleuri is lily of the valley personified, and this perfume is sweet and tangy and pungent. It also feels old-fashioned, and wears like a real perfume, or maybe because there is oakmoss and surely that always reminds me of how perfumes are supposed to smell.

It’s also kind of heavy, and it is just right for slightly colder weather. I don’t know how I would feel about this in higher temperature, and I am guessing it’s punginess can be headache inducing.

I think it is also a scent that makes me contemplative, and maybe because of the changing of the seasons, where we see ourselves changing and evolving. I am happy I am wearing this today.

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