Madge Before Madge (Movie Thoughts: Madonna and The Breakfast Club)

madonna-and-the-breakfast-club-movie-poster-mdI am as big a Madonna fan as one can get, but I can still say  ‘Madonna and The Breakfast Club’ the film, is boring.  I’ve read most of what has been written about Madonna and her life, and the film does not shed one new light, nor it gives an interesting insight as to what makes Madonna tick. Sure, Guy Guido’s documentary is very loyal (and protective) of Madonna, but a little edge could have made this film a little more worth of my time. Through interviews and re-enactments, it paints Madonna as someone who is hardworking and drive, nut we all knew that already, don’t we? The film goes through the very early years – when Madonna first arrives in New York and starts forming a couple of punk rock bands – and while I think those were important formative years for her, they do not represent the most exciting parts of her career. So she worked with three bands and she started making music. Even the music heard here do not really give you a glimpse of the music that made her famous. The best thing about the documentary is Jamie Auld, who looks so much like the young Madonna, and has even captured the singer’s mannerisms. (I wonder how Madonna feels about her)  As a fan, I appreciate the effort here, but I doubt anyone else would find value in this film.

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