Five Buckets of Tears (Movie Thoughts: Five Feet Apart)

five_feet_apartSitting in a room full of teenage girls waiting for ‘Five Feet Apart’ felt a little unnerving. I mean, I probably looked like a predator. Just like them, I was lured into seeing the movie because of heart throb Cole Sprouse, who is the male lead of the film. And Sprouse is a thing of beauty. He plays a young man with cystic fibrosis int he film, but he still sports that emotional coiffed curlicue bangs, and when he takes off his shirt sports off a gym body. Who am I kidding, that’s what sells tickets, and the theater is packed the night I saw the film.

Oh, the film you ask? Justin Baldoni directs on auto-pilot. This is formula, and he doesn’t stray much away from it – it is shameless in its manipulation and I knew that jaded lil me would be too smart to fall for his traps. But who am I kidding? By the end of the film, I was weeping with the rest of the teenage audience, realizing my worth as a Cole Sprouse fangurl.

To be honest, it’s Haley Lu Richardson’s film – she is the heart and soul of the story, and singly carries the narrative. This is a young actress to watch out for, and I bet even gets better. And surely Sprouse has that certain something – the ‘it’ factor if you will – to hold the viewer’s attention, and I just hope he learned a thing or two from Richardson.

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