Green Good (Perfume Thoughts: Fleur de Liane, L’artisan Parfumeur)

375x500.3985One of the great things about reopening my collection from storage is that I feel like I am getting perfume. These bottles have been out of my sight for at least a year, so I know I haven;t worn them for the same amount of time. Most times, I forget that I do own some of them.

Take Fleur de Liane, for example. I unpacked it and wore it today, and was taken by it. I don’t know if I have written about this already (likely) and I know it wasn’t the most popular scent (it has since been discontinued) but wearing it now I find enamored by it. I think Los Angeles doesn’t really get well with orientals, and I know I am not alone in feeling this. I was talking to someone who is a big patchouli fan and she said that patchouli never quite smells the same in Los Angeles.

But now, this melon note here is very appealing. I think the sun makes it bloom, and the slight nip in the air preserves its ozonic bitter green accord. The scent feels very complicated now – in one whiff it’s very green, and then aquatic in the next instant. I never thought of this as a very layered perfume, but look at how a different climate can bring out the best in it.

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