She’s Got Style (Movie Thoughts: Knife+Heart)

50068022_104162064036592_1364939941877340138_nI am not a big fan of blood and gore so I was war of Yann Gonzales’s ‘Knife+Heart,’ but This has Vanessa Paradis, one of my favorites, so I went anyway. You know you will see a film that is very stylistic when it opens with a music video. There are a lot of elements in the film, and I don’t know if all of them are for me. The blood and gore is there, for sure, and I didn’t cringe too much. But there is also humor and camp, and the visuals are stunning. The plot didn’t appeal too much to me, but I cherished some details (the killer uses a black dildo that becomes a knife!) and I of course enjoyed the twinky scenery. All in all, this was more an interesting watch than a meaningful one.

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