Do You Believe in Love After War (Movie Thoughts: The Aftermath)

p15592224_p_v7_aaJames Kent’s ‘The Aftermath’ is described as a romantic-drama so of course I was drawn to it right away. Plus, I liked its cast: Keira Knightley and Alexander Skarsgard are two of the most beautiful actors to look at so I know visually i will not be bored.  And the film all in all is classy and elegant. It felt like I was watching a modern supersized version of Masterpiece Theater so everything goes down smoothly. And that is enough to make you forget about the silly screenplay, riddled with melodrama that most times do not make sense. But it hardly matters, because Knightley and Skarsgard more than sell it  – their romance manages to be hot and scorching, their chemistry pulsating even if you really do not understand how and why their characters got together. Set in Hamburg after the Second World War, the film looks beautiful even in ruins that you are instantly swept in by everything, and you think there is depth in the shallow screenplay. I enjoyed myself immensely, even succumbing to the romance at hand. Sure, this film has been done better, but for nowadays, this works.

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