Bluer (Movie Thoughts: Out Of Blue)

hE8Gg6FUtZmERm4V1zUUP3a4wTXSometimes a murder mystery movie is not really about the murder mystery. That is certainly true about Carol Morley’s ‘Out Of Blue.’  Patricia Clarkson stars as Mike Hoolihan who is investigating the myrder of a scientist (Mamie Gummer) from a prominent family. About halfway through the film, the crime is ‘solved,’ but there are more questions –  not really about the murder, but about life in general – black holes, existence, particles of dust are mentioned. And I am tuned out by then. This is an odd film, and it is weighed down by its own pretensions. Clarkson still gives a good committed performance, as she is the mind of the film. If only it had more heart.

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