Shrill Elegance (Television Thoughts: Shrill, Pilot)

shrill-hulu-aidy-bryant-release-dateThere’s so much television content out there you really do not know what to watch and I have to be honest, most times I give up easily on these shows. I have only heard good things about the new Hulu original, ‘Shrill,’ and after watching the first episode, I wish I could say that I loved it, but honestly, I just like it a lot. These days that may not be good enough, but I am making a commitment to stick to it and watch more episodes.

First, this is perfect as my ‘last thing to watch before I go to sleep.’ It’s less than half an hour, and it is an amiable and easy watch. Aidy Bryant stars as Annie. She’s fuller figured (let’s not sugarcoat that) and she is dealign with a lot of things on the pilot episode. She’s trying to find her way at work (John Cameron Mitchell plays her boss – always a plus)  And midway through, she finds out she is pregnant, by a guy who really just uses her for sex. There has been a lot of chatter since the character gets an abortion, and it raises an issue – did you now that the morning after pill does not on women weighing more than 175 lbs? Yes, Annie has responsibility issues, but Bryant is charming and can get away with it – she reminds me of Roseanne Barr before she went all Trumpster. So yeah , there is a lto for me to go back to here, and I will

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