Yesterday’s Is Today (Perfume Thoughts: Today, Avon)

375x500.808Even though I call myself a perfume snob, I am really not one in the strictest sense. I love scents, and all brands and I go the highest of highs to the lows.  I have a fragrance friend in my building I always chat perfumes with. We found out that we were both fragheads and realized we were both on the same famous Facebook group of perfume lovers, and ever since then, we have exchanged perfume recommendations and samples. Today she asked me what I thought of the perfume she was wearing, and I sniffed and said that is a totally gorgeous scent!  And she said, it’s ‘Today,’ by Avon. Well< Avon, of course. It’s a brand I normally don’t pay attention to, but not from dislike. I just don’t know anyone selling it for me to sniff samples from. Today is from 2004, and the nose is Olivier Cresp, and he also creates Mugler Angel, and D & G Light Blue, so you know he knows what he is doing.

Today is a white floral bouquet – on me it is freesia and jasmine, and it is so well blended that it is literally like smelling a wedding party.  It smells like a gorgeous spring day as you walk through a flower garden. It wears very well – skewing feminine, for the faint of heart – and the projection and longevity is marvelous. Retailing at about twenty dollars for a 50 ml, it is the best thing you can buy for a twenty dollar bill. I am on my way to one.

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