Poor Paisley (Perfume Thoughts: Paisley. Etro)

375x500.12930Just like everyone else, I wore a lot of paisley in the 80s, especially in my tie selection then. men wore paisley ties in Corporate environment, and I had dozens of them.  So for me, it was kind of fitting for Etro ‘Paisley’ to start off with a men’s scent vibe – its list of notes mention bergamot and cassis but to my nose they smelled like Barbasol shaving cream. And I was immediately underwhelmed. What came after – bland floral notes – made me just tune out. I was expecting a lot more with this scent. Its vanilla-patchouli drydown did not help.This perfume has been described as a spicy aromatic fragrance, but really, it was just generic menswear cologne to me – something you can pick up anywhere. For a niche brand, this was forgettable, and disappointing.

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