Reality Is A Musical (Television Thoughts: All Star Musicals, ITV)


I chanced upon ‘All Star Musicals’ by chance. I started watching it and saw the names Elaine Paige, Kristen Chenoweth together and ding ding , of course, it will cause a show queen alert. I had never heard of the show, of course, even though there has already been one iteration of it. Basically, it’s like ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ but instead of ballroom dancing, they perform scenes from a musical. So, yeah, right up my alley. And it is hosted by my dear John Barrowman, an old crush if there ever was one (He still looks foine!)  and the show is so gay he opens it by performing a ‘Mary Poppins’ medley – interspersing ‘Put The Light Fantastic’ from ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ with songs fromt he original score. Well, that put a big smile on my face already! The show is off to a great start.

I wish I knew who these local British celebrities, though, and if I did, I think I would have enjoyed the show more. I know there were a couple of soap stars, a presenter, a money expert. But, consistently, the production values of all the numbers are top-notch, and the ensemble is first rate – one of the best I have seen – they were all very versatile as they maneuvered into the different numbers from different shows. They were the real winners in my opinion.

And of course, the ultimate highlight was the duet with Chenoweth and Paige doing ‘I Know Him SO Well.’  There were show queen orgasms everywhere when they finished their duet.

All in all, I look forward to if/when they do this again. And is it too much to ask for an American version of this?

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