Seth Sadly (Music Thoughts: Once In A While, Seth McFarlane)

51xdv57awjL._AC_UL436_Even though I have heard all of Seth McFarlane’s albums, I never seem to come back to any pf them. His new album, ‘Once In A While’ may just change that. This album, in my opinion, is his best so far – it’s moody and melancholy, and it feels like an oil painting, and maybe that’s why the album cover is of a painting of him. He has compared this album to a Sinatra torch album, and I think he has achieved that. I think what I loved most about this album is the intelligent and emotional arrangements by Andrew Cottee. There’s an underlying sensitive sadness in the way the songs are presented, and it helps bring out the lushness of the lyrics. My favorite is his version of Peggy Lee’s ‘There’ll Be Another Spring.’ And of course, nothing beats an Irving Berlin ballad, and he interprets the tearfullness out of ‘What’ll I Do,’ and ‘They Say It’s Wonderful.’  There is such tenderness and longing in ‘You Are Too Beautiful’ that made me openly weep.

But of course, some people will think this too weepy and overly sad. But for someone like me who thrives in melancholy, this is pure bliss.

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