Love Thy Brother (Film Thoughts: Un Frere/A Brother)

A-Brother-ccOnce in a while, there’s a movie that really touches me. I may not be the best movie in the world, but nowadays I find that stories that touch me are rarer to find.  But ‘Un Frere’ (A Brother) took my soul in 70 minutes or so, and now I just need to tell the world to see it because chances are, it’ll touch someone else’s soul too.

Tom (Simon Royer) is vacationing with his family when he finds that another boy Felix (Marin Lafitte) is temporarily living in their house. And it doesn’t take a genius to see where this is going. He falls in love with him, and finds a little about himself in the process. Royer’s wide eyed innocent performance is spot on, and it was great to see that exact moment when we see him recognizing that he is attracted to Felix. And int he beginning we sense that Felix may not really be into it, but as their friendship deepens, we see Tom’s effect on him. This is a sweet and sour summer story, with elements of awakening and coming of age, and perhaps the French provincial version of ‘Call Me By Your Name.’  It’s charming, and it made me cry just a little bit.

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