He and Her (Movie Thoughts: J. T. Leroy)

large_JTLEROY_1sht_MR_KA_Ref_Jpeg_ONLYI feel kind of dumb that I know very little about the J T Leroy ‘story,’  And I also have not seen he documentary by Jeff Feuerzeig which I hear is pretty comprehensive. This should be such an interesting story, so why then was I so bored by Justin Kelly’s ‘J. T. Leroy?’  we have Kristin Stewart here playing Samanatha Knoop, who was the ‘figure’ used by Laura Albert, who was the real author behind the book ‘Sarah.’ Stewart is perfectly cast as the bisexual character (I think nowadays they are non gender specific) and since the film is told from her point of view, Samantha is more humanized. Dern’s Laura Albert, though, while somewhat more fun to watch, veers close to a caricature. I did not really get a sense of any of the motivations for her actions. She’s just crazy and/or over the top, and why? I don’t really where the focus of the movie is, and after a certain point, I kind of stopped caring.

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