The Juice (Book Thoughts: The Ladies Who Punch, Ramin Setodeeh)

41cOKdI45LL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_Oh God, I miss reading. I used to read a lot more, but life! So of course a juicy tell-all book like Ramin Setoodeh would be the one who would lure me to reading again. And there is plenty of juice in ‘Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of The View’ that I finished it all in two days. It was that good.

My takeaways:

1 – Sure Barbara Walters was a probably bitch on wheels, but if there is someone who deserves the respect, it would be her. i found it kind of disgusting that a lot of these ladies talk about her like a dog. Rosie could me mean-spirited but she was the only one who prefaced whatever she was saying with respect. And Elizabeth Hasselback – what has she proven to the world for her to act like she is the second coming?

2 – Rosie. I have read over and over that she is difficult, and she comes across here as just medically-certified crazy. She is probably on all sorts of medication and everything makes her just so messed up. But she has one thing that most of these women don’t have – a relatable charisma that endears her to anyone who watches, including me. I can still watch her after this, and I don’t know if I can say the same thing about all the other ladies.  And she seems to have an eye and ear for what will work. If she were a man, she would only be probably categorized as ‘very difficult.’

3 – Whoopi.  She is one of the two ladies who did not sit down for interview with Setodeeh, and she still comes across negatively in my eye. I disagree with her a lot on issues, especially as she takes the side of her famous friends like Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson. She seems arrogant in the way she treated Barbara towards the end and I don’t know now if I can shake that off as I watch the current shows.

I thought the juiciest parts have already leaked but that I still enjoyed the book immensely. I can’t help but think about a sequel to this. Obviously, there is still a lot of drama brewing in the show because after the second Rosie season, the book loses steam. But I wonder if Setodeeh should be the one to write it as he is one of Megan McCain’s close friends.

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