Fanning The Pop (Film Thoughts: Teen Spirit)

p16391144_p_v8_abElle Fanning stars as Violet in ‘Teen Spirit,’ and perhaps the film should have been titled A Star Is Born because Fanning makes such a grand impression here that anyone who watches this will certainly pay more attention to her. She is the best thing in the film, and the screen feels alive when she is on. Director Max Minghella knows to showcase her as a would-be pop singer, and uses music-video like techniques to show her off. (Fanning does her own singing)

The story is engaging enough, but I sometimes felt like it should be more. I like the local flavour of the setting – Isle of Wright in Britain – so you can see the Cinderella-like transition when Victoria gets to London. At the same time, the story is pretty thin, and I could not help but not feel the connection Victoria has with the failed Croatian Opera Singer (Zlatko Buric) who becomes her manager. Still I liked this film a lot more than I didn’t, and I would recommend it.

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