Only Memories (Music Thoughts: Broadway Memories, Jan Daley)

pkalb01668691Jan Daley is my kind of singer, someone who is like a throwback to the golden age of music. And I have written about this numerous times before, but there really is something to be said about a singer who is of a certain age, and you know that she knows exactly what she is singing about because she has lived the life int hose words. Her album ‘Broadway Memories,’ I am guessing is a collection of shows from the theater but why she included ‘You Raise Me Up’ here I don’t know. In my opinion, she works best at tracks where she is given room to breathe, like in ‘Losing My Mind’ or ‘Send In The Clowns.’ While I wouldn’t consider her a straight-up jazz singer, she gives these songs her own interpretations. On pop-ish numbers, she seems stifled.

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