To Bond (Television Thoughts: Bonding – first two episodes)

bonding-tv-poster-image0In a course of three days, I have had at least five people recommend the new Netflix series ‘Bonding’ to me. They said it was funny, worthwhile, and above all, easy to binge. At fifteen minutes an episode, it is easy to devour. You can watch the whole first season in less time than watching a Netflix movie. That part I liked. And it is kind of funny, as the series focuses on the friendship between Pete and Tiff (Brendan Scannell and Zoe Levin) She is a dominatrix, he is a neurotic stand up comic. I kind of dislike her character (too much posing for my taste) but think Pete is adorable. Two episodes in, I feel like I have had enough, so I stopped. But I think one of these days I will go back to it.

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