Frozen Jasmine (Perfume Thoughts: Sundazed, Byredo)

375x500.54747Summer’s almost here and if you are still feeling the May and June glooms, rest assured Byredo will speed things up a bit. Their new release ‘Sundazed’ is summer in a bottle.

It’s a nice lemon burst int he beginning with splashes of mandarin, so it’s a nice citrus blast. In it’s heart is a mixture of jasmine and neroli. Then a ‘cotton candy’ note comes in and wraps the whole perfume in a candied haze. I described it to someone as candied neroli.

Essentially, it’s a cologne. But to give it more heft, there’s that jasmine and neroli center,  and that candied accord. Imagine Prada Candy but instead of caramel, you get a citrus floral. When I first tried this, I thought it was just another variation of a cologne. It makes sense that Byredo would be doing their own version of the immensely popular Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford. But when I wore it for a full day (I always suggest this when youa re trying a new scent) I liked it a lot more – the cotton candy accord here smells icy, akin to a frozen lemon popsicle. The floral heart gives it elegance, making this not your typical frothy teenaged perfume. Lord help me, I think I want this for the summer.

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