Cherries In My Rose (Perfume Thoughts: Dancing Roses, Viktor & Rolf Magic Collection)

375x500.42763With Mother’s Day coming up, I thought I would break my sample of ‘Dancing Roses’ by Viktor and Rolf.  My mom loved roses, and whenever I try to remember her, I would do so by wearing rose scents as those were her favorites to wear. I have had this sample for a while now. but have been reticent to try because I remember it being pricey. It is from V & R’s ‘Magic’ collection, which is their ‘high-end’ niche-type line. (I am sure it was to ride the coat tails of their hugely successful Flowerbomb) But it looks like they have lowered the price point? Saks has this now for $145 for a 2.5 oz, which seems to be the same price as Flowerbomb.

Oh, the scent? I like it a lot. The opening is a blast of cherry-rose, but with heaps more cherry than the watery rose. There is a lychee note which makes this very fruity, but there’s a boozy note here (brandy?) that makes this more adult-smelling. And the notes say there is saffron but I only faintly get that. Actually, this feels very weak over all. I spritzed almost the whole thing and I can barely smell it, and there is almost no sillage. If you like like Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry, this is a cheaper and more transparent-smelling alternative, and for warmer weather might be better as it is less syrupy. I should really get a new sample and try it again now – i wonder if with this new price point, it has been reformulated.

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