In The Mood For Love (Film Thoughts: Photograph)

DxfPDmRVAAAvs_G-810x1114A lot of love affairs start with a photograph (Isn’t Tindr basically the same thing?) and Ritsh Batra’s ‘Photograph’ takes that idea for this new romantic drama. I was looking forward to seeing this as I love me a good romantic drama, and Batra previously directed ‘The Lunchbox,’ a movie I also really liked. Batra’s style is nice and gentle, and indeed there is a gentility in this movie that is very appealing. Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays Rafi, a photographer at the Gateway to India in Mumbai. he attracts people into taking a photograph by saying this moment in their life will never be captured again (I love the romanticism in his character’s approach) One day, he photographs Miloni (Sanya Malhotra) and something triggers between the two of them which culminates to her pretending to be his girlfriend for him to present to his grandmother. The story is simple – it never really veers away from that basic premise. It takes a long while for something – anything – to happen but I didn’t even mind that bit. You expect some kind of payoff at the end, but it never happens, and the open-ended conclusion really feels like a letdown. But, for some reason I am kind of fine with that – the world that Batra creates is so appealing that t felt good to just be in it. The setting, the music, the culture – what we have here would not normally appeal to me – but I found myself basking in all the elements. This film is mostly a mood, and I can’t get out of it.

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