Really Renee (Television Thoughts: What/If)


I think Renee Zellwegger is swell.  I was just reading an article wherein she says she left the business because fame and all its accouterments started to get to her, and I am glad she was able to settle all of that because she seems to be active again (the Judy Garland biopic starring her is one of this year’s Oscar baits)  And I am glad that I started watching the new Netflix series ‘What/If’ featuring her because she is great in it – she is the cunning manipulative lead/antagonist and she packs a great sophisticated punch here. She plays Anne Montgomery, a mogul/venture capitalist who invests on businesses, and in her she takes an interest on a budding Medical company – but there is more than meets the eye. I have watched the first two episodes and it definitely caught my interest. i can see this is one of those bingeable shows but I think I will eat it up a little slowly, like maybe an episode before going to sleep at night. An added bonus for me is Blake Jenner, the stud muffin center of the piece. They know what he is used here for, as he shows his butt on his very first scene – subtlety is not the word for this series – it is big, bombastic, but not a bore.

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