No Honeysuckle For Me (Perfume Thoughts: Nectar, Commodity)

375x500.50615I have a Fragrance Friend at work (we spray each other what we are wearing everyday) and she sprayed me her new obsession: Commodity Nectar.  Actually, she has been talking about the Commodity line for a while now, and I confess I do not know much about it. I know it is very popular in the fragrance community, and I am sure an older version of me would be as obsessed. She gave me her wrist and I smelled something divine – floral and sweet, and ‘lived in.’  She says it’s honeysuckle, and I blurted yes, and I love that note in perfume, which I don’t see a lot of.

And then she sprayed on my skin. The initial blast was pure cologne on my skin – a citrus blend of bergamot and tangerine (sorry, Italian tangerine, as per the list of notes) I think I get some orange blossom as well, and I love anything orange blossom so that was a great welcome. And the weirdest thing – no honeysuckle on my skin, just that citrus cologne mixture. Okay, maybe a slight hint of it, but nowhere near what I smelled on my friend.

Update: An hour in, still no sign of that honeysuckle.

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