A Matt Start (Music Thoughts: The Start Of Something Big, Matt Hoffman)

61rMU6vKY0L._SS500_There is scant information on the internet about singer Matt Hoffman. All I can find is that he is from Long Island, New York, and is twenty years old and if that is the case, then he is probably not old enough to drink. His music, though, would feel in place in a supper club. His album. The Start of Something Big, is actually a nice and pleasant listen. It’s more of an EP, comprising of six songs, and Hoffman shows promise. I can feel that there is genuine love in this music, and his arrangements veer towards big band and swing. It’s just in the little of the ‘bro’ side for me, but I found myself feeling good while listening to it. The songs are the usual suspects: the title track, ‘When You’re Smilin.’ ‘A Lot of Livin’ To Do,’ mostly songs with action verbs omitting the G. His ballads need some depth, but what do you expect, he is young. But all in all, this is a good start, indeed.

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