Slow Burn (Television Thoughts: Vida S02 E02 E03 E04)


I’m now halfway through Season Two of ‘Vida.’  The second season is definitely slower, and in a sense less soap-y than the first season. It feels more established, and it knows exactly where it is going, and is taking its time to get there. You have to admire its confidence – this show has its own identity, and there is much to see from that. Its point of view is very specific, and I think that is what endears me most to the show as it brings me to a world I normally will not visit, or willingly visit anyway. It goes deep with the characters – we get to know a little bit more about Lyn & Emma with each episode, and accept both, warts and all. I liek the new characters they are introducing, from the handyman (played by Raul Guttierez, who I know from HBO’s Looking) to Nico, the new bartender, which gives Emma a new and better love interest. Even if the story isn’t moving much (I read there is something explosive about to happen) I am committed to seeing these characters through.

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