Odd Smells (Perfume Thoughts: Commodity Rain/Commodity Mimosa)

rainOh, this Commodity perfume line. It sure is interesting, but I can’t remember when I sampled two scents in a row that underwhelmed me.

And there is one, ‘Rain,’ that I truly detested. This is purportedly an aquatic fragrance, and they even describe it as ‘rain in a tropical forest.’ Well, the first blast for me was so unappealing – it was so sharp and pungent. The notes listing say bergamot and verbena but this is more cement. Actually, the Alaia fragrance had a similar description, but that was done beautifully. This is an awkward mess of a scent. Scrubber! The drydown is a bit better – the tropical flowers do come out, but they are of the synthetic kind. Still a pass.

375x500.50620On my other wrist is Commodity Mimosa. This is a floral citrus, and is supposed to be the mimosa flower. And sure, I do get that on the top notes. But as the scent developed, it turns soapy. I went to my friend and said, ‘doesn’t this smell like Dial soap to you,’ and she agreed. Well, at least the color is in the same family. While inoffensive, I think Mimosa is, again, weird.

This made me think about weird vs. quirky. For example, I associate a lot of Etat Libre d’Orange as weird scents, but weird in an amusing and fun kind of way. These two scents from Commodity are just plain odd. Like ‘head-scratching odd.


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