The 70s Style (Film Thoughts: Halston)

large_halston-posterI have this great fascination with all things 70s, and of course Halston defined American 70s fashion, so I was so looking forward to seeing Frederic Tcheng’s documentary ‘Halston,’ which is about his life and legacy. And we get a sense of that, through interviews with family members and people he worked with. The big framework of the movie focuses on how he lost access to his own name, and at the time it was a concept unheard of. Nowadays, it’s a pretty common occurrence – see Donna Karan, Jo Malone, for example.  Plus, it was interesting that part of his ‘downfall’ was that he agreed to do a collection for JC Penney, which catered more for the masses, and nowadays every designer does capsule collections for H & M or Target. I wished they focused more on the fashion, for he was truly revolutionary int he way he ushered women away from tailored silhouettes to nice-free flowing dressed cut from the bias. I was at a screening the director said that what fascinated him was the business aspect of Halston’s legacy. I wish it focused more on how his style influenced the overall look of the 70s. (Thought there’s right mention of a great highlight – when Jackie Kennedy wore his pillbox hat during her husband’s inauguration, and I love the little trivia – of how she touched it and dented it and everyoen copied the dent)  I loved how they interviewed Liza Minnelli and she refused to comment on their partying shenanigans, saying she will not do that to her friend (She does the same when she was being interviewed by Michael Jackson)  I think there was a more conscious effort to cut a lot of the ‘personal’ stuff although Tcheng says there will be a ‘Director’s Cut’ wherein there’s more of Halston’s lover of fifteen years. But I still am glad this documentry exists. It may not be the most ideal one for me, but I hope it starts a conversation about this great man.

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