Used To Be Me (Music Thoughts: From New York to Paris, Nicki Parrot)

61J5w+WaQpL._SS500_Nicki Parrot is one of the most prolific jazz artist that I sometimes take her for granted. I read somewhere that she has released twenty seven albums, and it feels like it.  I have seen tribute albums to every single Songbook composer out there, and I even think she has made one for The Carpenters, and that’s a-ok in my book, by the way. I chanced upon a track of hers from her new album, ‘From New York to Paris,’ and it’s her singing ‘Do You Miss New York,’ a song that has always been dear to me. It holds a special meaning now more than ever for me, because there are days when I miss New York a lot, and when I heard the track, it fell on one of those moments. One line struck me, when you see someone who used to be me. I am sure there is someone out there in New York City who is living the life I used to live, and I wonder how I would feel if I saw that person. The song stayed with me for the rest of the day.

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