Purple Flannel (Perfume Thoughts: Ombre de Hyacinth, Tom Ford Private Collection)

375x500.15916I was at my brother’s house over the weekend and I always raid his perfume selections when I am there, especially heavy on Creed and Tom Ford Private Collection. I chosee Ombre de Hyacinth,  which is very purple. I googled what hyacinths look like, and there are a lot of purple variations so the packaging for this is in line.

My first impression? It smells like the classic Grey Flannel. Top notes say galbanum and violet leaf, but the violet leaf is very prominent on me, combined with aldehydes which make this smell very soapy/powdery. The florals intensify after – the hyacinth? some magnolia, and this is the type of fragrance that feels liek it is hugging you. I wore it on a cold-ish day and it felt pleasant and fitting. All in all a nice powdery floral – very nice but nothing too original. I don’t know if I want to pay Tom Ford prices for it, honestly, because Grey Flannel is still available – and for a fraction of the price.

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