Always, Maybe (Movie Thoughts: Always Be My Maybe)

p15586359_p_v8_aaA couple of minutes into Nahnatchka Khan’s  ‘Always Be My Baby,’ I groaned to myself.  Sure, I m a sucker for romantic comedies, but I thoroughly disliked the two main characters here, Sasha and Marcus (Ali Wong and Randall Park) who I know are meant to fall in love. I mean. why would I root for them to do that when I don’t even like them? I despise those type A over-achieving people like Wong’s Sasha, and Park’s slacker bro dude was just as annoying I thought. But I have to credit the actors, especially Park, who gives the character more depth than what’s written (probably because the actors also wrote the screenplay)  And I have to admit, the characters grew on me, especially Marcus. He even says that he cannot leave his father because he needs to take care of him – and that’s a very Asian thing, by the way. Eventually, I gave in to the romance – they have good enough chemistry and there were several Asian-specific touches that I related to. And Keanu Reeves does a hilarious cameo playing himself – that alone in my opinion is worth a watch. I do have to say that I am really liking the fact that Netflix is investing in a lot of these romantic comedies, and this one is a little more adult than their earlier ones. I can only encourage and celebrate.

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