Emotions In Abstract (Music Thoughts: Portrait, Greta Matassa)

NYkojRI hadn’t heard about Greta Matassa in a while, and no wonder, since it has been eleven years since she has released an her album. Her new album, ‘Portraits’ is pretty good, and I had forgotten how an appealing a singer she can be. She has spoken about her interpretations as being abstract, and I get her comparison, and I mostly don’t like when singers get too ‘out there,’ but she knows when to pull back and when to go off. My favorite track is ‘The One Who Loves The Most/Softly,’ probably because I love the latter song (which I know from Lena Horne) She has great eclectic style – from Ennio Morrriconne to Bob Dylan to Duke Ellington. I have to be in a mood sometimes to play this album, but when I am, it fits my bill sensationally.

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