Smell Me The Sun (Perfume Thoughts: Waterlily Sun, Aerin)

375x500.28361For some reason, I have been attracted lately to solar scents. I have been wearing Jo Malone ‘Frangipani,’ and now that I am starting to unpack my perfume, I have reignited my love for Aerin’s ‘Waterlily Sun.’  I may have written about this before but who cares, I love it now. I think that maybe now that I am in Los Angeles it fits my lifestyle and surroundings better – it’s a blast of green with clear waterlily. It’s sweet on me, for sure, but not cloying and coupled with nice sunny days it just gives a warm summer vibe, and with the sun out, the solar notes really bloom – it is like smelling flower out in the sun. Spraying this makes me smile.

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