The Empty Promise of After (Movie Thoughts: After)

276477R1I meant to see ‘After’ when it was out in the theaters. It was at my local AMC and since I have the A-List, it would have been ‘free.’ But I never got around to it. For some reason, and I am only basing on the poster, I thought the movie had a Latin flair. I should have known not to judge any movie by its poster. This film couldn’t be blander if you poured vanilla ice cream all over it. Everything about it is a cliche, and sure, I am probably not the target market for it, but I should have been. The film, directed by Jenny Gage from YA novels by Anna Todd (and adapted by Susan McMartin) is so tepid that it feels like tap water. The ‘story’ doesn’t generate any heat, and you get more plot from your Monday morning water cooler gossip. It casts attractive young actors (Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin) that talk like robots, and their conflict is as thin I have more dramatic friction choosing my lunch. It looks like this is just the beginning of a ‘series’ and the only good thing I can see here is Selma Blair getting more work (she plays the heroine’s mother)

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