Please Give Billy An Award (Television Thoughts: Pose, S02 E 05 and 06)


I think I was very vocal about the fourth episode of ‘Pose’ on this second season, but I thought episode five was very lackluster, where the show focused on friends auditioning for Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour. So the less I say about probably the better (they end up on a reboot of ‘Solid Gold.’)

Episode Six is a little more interesting. Pray Tell, played by Billy Porter, has started taking AZT for hi HIV and ends up in the hospital (it was a very toxic drug) and sure that’s fine. But I bet this will be the episode that will be in his submission tape for the Emmys – because he does *EVERYTHING* here to be noticed. He screams, he hollers, he does the most hysterical acting there is – and he even sings ‘The Man That Got Away’ by the end of the episode. For me, it was a but too much, and I felt like I was watching someone begging for an award – no shades or subtlety in his performance here. I hope it works, but it left me really turned off. At least we also get Patti Lupone singing ‘I’m Still Here’ though the set up is really very out of context. But this Ryan Murphy’s Pose.

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