Frownin’ (Music Thoughts: Smilin’, Chad McCloskey)

51MLZjCu0WL._SX342_QL70_Oh these Spotify recommendations. For some reason, their algorithms thought I would like this album, so I put it on my Daily playlist. But I get very particular about how I listen to standards. Chad McCloskey’s album. “Smilin'” is inoffensive, and is pleasant in a bland way, but it has nothing original in it. McCloskey is young, and is probably influenced by Michael Buble instead of Sinatra or Darin. it shows – his vocal and orchestral arrangements sound so much like Buble it sounds like he swallowed him whole. It’s pure karaoke – his version of ‘I’ve got the world on a string’ matches Bubles’ version in every way, including cadence and delivery. I had to turn everything off after a self-serving Inspirational number called ‘Blessed Assurance/’ Sorry, I don’t want hard sell solicitation in my music. After listening to the whole album, I can assuredly say I am NOT smilin’ !

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