Three’s Not A Charm (Television Thoughts: Love Daily, S 01 E 03)


I guess it had to happen. I loved the first two episodes of ‘Love Daily’ that disappointment had to seep in. The third episode on Hulu – consisting of ‘the Truth About Dating’ and ‘Soulmate Psychic’ kind of let me down. The first one is supposed to funny and quirky, but the two leads just irritated the hell out of me. I guess it kind of show how unexplainable¬† attraction can be. The second story fared much better – a couple goes to a psychic and she suggested that they are incompatible, and both overcompensate to prove her wrong. only for them to realize the differences in each other make you more compatible. That one had a nice ending, but all in all, I didn’t much care for this pairing.

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