Grandma Sex (Movie Thoughts: Ask Dr Ruth)

large_ruth-posterI bet most people who lived in New York in the 80s has a Dr. Ruth story. She was everywhere – on the radio, on the television both day and night, and you went out the streets and I bet you saw here. I remember watching the Broadway musical ‘Crazy For You’ and she sat right in front of me. During intermission, everyone was going to her to have her sign their Playbills. She was in a lot of ways a super star.

This documentary shows the woman before and after that period. I did not know she was a Holocaust survivor – she was sent to a Swiss orphanage alogn with other children so they would be safe from the war, and the documentary shows how years later she finds out her father was killed at Auschwitz, and details of her mother’s death still unknown. She somehow ends up in Washington Heights and on a radio show in New York City becomes ‘Dr Ruth.’ (Westheimer)  Sure, she was a cultural phenomenon, but she also opened he doors for sexual communication. As a gay teenager I remember listening to her I have to admit I got some information on safe sex from her. I loved her warmth and openness, and trusted the information she gave. This film captures her personality vividly, and her legacy as well.

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