A Lazy Effort (Perfume Thoughts: Lazy Sunday Morning, Maison Martin Margela)

375x500.20542Don’t you love things that evoke moods? I do. On things lazy, the perfect artistic take for me is Harold Arlen’s ‘Lazy Afternoon,’ which perfectly captures a single moment. I had some hope for ‘Lazy Sunday Morning,’ from the Martin Margela Replica collection. I like the idea, and it made me think what ‘Lazy Sunday Morning’ feel for me.  I think of just laying on a comfy chair, maybe a little chilled and enveloped by a cashmere throw as I read a book and sip my drink. There’s a sense of calm and serenity there.

The perfume? I can admit it’s well done that did not skimp on the quality of ingredients –  a gauzy fruity floral of fruits and flowers, in this case, some pear and lily of the valley. It’s almost subtle, but really not. It gets drowned in aldehydes, not a bad thing for me, but it does make it smell a little on the ‘old-fashioned side.’ The drydown is sheer musks and sheer woods that blend all of the smells together.

It’s okay.  I can appreciate it and wear it to the office. But nowadays, just okay isn’t good enough for me. I can mouth off a whole slew of designer perfumes that are similar for much less price point. This perfume is signed by Louis Turner, who also did Glow by J Lo, and that is a better deal for more or less the same sensoral experience.

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