Room Service (Film Thoughts: The Chambermaid/La Camarista)

camarista‘The Chambermaid’ (La Camarista) is a character study of Eve (pronounced E-ve) a young woman who works for housekeeping of a major luxury hotel in Mexico City. We know little about her except for the fact that she has a young child who she speaks to while using the phone at the corridors of the hotel. The film follows her as she cleans these rooms, and is heavy on the details, like scrubbing the tub or brushing the curtains. We see her as aspiring to be more – she caresses the books of the hotel’s visitors, and goes to GED classes provided by the Union. We see sadness in her, but also boredom, as she interacts with co-workers – although it is not explicitly stated, a lesbian tries to woo her, even as she plays with the window washer guy who peeps at her as she cleans rooms. By the end of the film, we feel like we got to know a real person (Gabriela Cartol who plays Eve is a natural) and I bet we will look at hotel housekeeping staff a little differently.

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