In An Italian Mood (Music Thoughts: Speak Low, Patrizia Gibertoni)

61EfJjBu+AL._SS500_There’s not much info about Patrizia Gibertoni on the internet except maybe that she is from Modena, Italy. And that’s a good thing, because that probably means that she is a serious musician, old school enough to not care if she has an internet presence.  One listen to her album ‘Speak Low’ and you know she ain’t playing.  She has fantastic musicality and tremendous sense of rhythm. She has a nice ‘mature voice.’ And she has a very thick Italian accent. I love it, as it gives her versions some individuality. I have heard these songs so many times that anything that makes them sound different is very welcome. To some, though, that accent may be too thick. When she sings ‘Let’s Fall In love,’ it sounds like she is saying ‘Let’s Fool In love.’  But then again….

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